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Isabella from Texas



from Texas

Bella loves funny cat videos and they make her laugh. She is interested in learning how to play the violin and other musical instruments. Her hobbies include art, music, and video games. Bella enjoys swimming, running, and other fitness activities. One of her favorite things to receive are art supplies. Bella would love to have a pet and has asked for a t-cup puppy, turtle, mouse or a snake. Her favorite foods include sushi, pizza, and salad. Her favorite classes include PE, art, and music. Bella enjoys being creative and making up her own dances. Bella is very fashion forward and cares about her appearance. She is helpful and cares for her peers. She believes she is a super-hero and stands up for her friends when she believes they are being wronged. Bella enjoys the outdoors and likes exploring new places. Bella enjoys a clean space and likes to keep her room nice and tidy.

Bella would thrive in either a two parent, single parent home, or multi-generational home. Her family will be active as she likes to be outside and explore new things. Bella would enjoy a family with pets although she would do best as the only child in the home. Bella's forever family will provide structure and balance.

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