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Isaiah from Texas



from Texas

Isaiah is a very handsome young man with a beautiful smile. He loves to listen to music and loves all the attention he gets from his caregivers. He enjoys petting his dogs who are friendly and loving. He loves to be held and snuggled. He requires help with all of his daily needs. He is a child who loves to be around other children. He smiles a lot when he is being adored by his caregivers. He is challenged because he is visibly impaired. Although, he has many challenges in life he is definitely a fighter. He loves to play with educational toys that play music or make sounds. He is very alert to familiar voices and loves to hear his name. He makes faces when he hears his name. He loves riding in a vehicle as it is calming to him. He loves to have his head massaged. He really enjoys going outdoors especially when the weather is warm. He would like to one day see Mickey Mouse. He will be an attribute to any family because he is an adorable child.

Isaiah would benefit with a family who has patience and consistency along with constant supervision. Her forever family will be willing to help him fulfill his goals and dreams. His environment will be nurturing and stimulating where he can continue to thrive. His forever family will be prepared to provide extensive support and assistance on a daily basis. He deserves a family who will commit to giving him a safe place with lots of love. His forever family will need to consistently need to help him reach his goals. He has shown some progress over time and needs a family to advocate for him while providing new challenges to encourage his progress.

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