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  Isaiaha from Texas



from Texas

Isaiaha is a very shy, quiet seven-year-old who takes a while to warm up to strangers. He loves to draw, color, and play with Legos. Isaiaha loves super heroes and action figures. He is very active, and enjoys riding his bike and playing on the playground. He loves going on outings with his foster family, particularly to the zoo and to Sea World. Isaiaha does fine academically. Isaiaha is very inquisitive and he loves going to school. He is learning to open up more and express his emotions. Isaiaha has difficulty focusing at times but he responds well to redirection from his caregivers. Isaiaha's current caregivers have been working with Isaiaha on boundaries and encouraging him not to take things that do not belong to him without permission. He has had some behavioral issues in the past, but has made significant progress and the school has not reported any significant behavioral issues this school year.

Isaiaha will do best in a home that has siblings with whom he can play. Isaiaha's forever family will need to be structured, nurturing, and patient. He needs strong parental role models who are willing to spend time with him, whether it is playing with Legos, action figures, or throwing the football or baseball in the backyard.