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Izekiel from Texas



from Texas

Izekiel, also known as Zeke, has some big dreams. He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up and with the help of a supportive, caring family Zeke will reach those dreams. This sweet boy wanted a brief case for Christmas so that he could pretend he was an attorney, how cute is that! Zeke is as sweet as they come. He is kind hearted, respectful, and well-mannered and is such a joy to be around. Trying to get Zeke's attention is easy. Just bring over some Batman toys or Legos and he will sit for hours chatting and playing. If it's quiet time that you want to spend with Zeke, then grab a good robot or science book and you will have his undivided attention. Zeke enjoys holding conversations and with his kind heart, he will easily capture your attention. Take some time to meet this sweet boy, he will not only capture your attention he will capture your heart.

This sibling group of five are loving, playful, and energetic! Like all young children, Illijah, Izaiah, Izekiel, Izrael, and Madisola love playing with their toys, giving big bear hugs, and helping around the house. Take the siblings outside and they love riding their bikes, playing ball, taking a dip in the pool and soaking up the sun. Put some fun music on the radio and you will catch these siblings dancing and singing along, but don't try to hide because they will make you dance along with them. These five like reading and drawing, they love being read bedtime stories or sitting at the table drawing beautiful pictures. These siblings are ready to meet their future forever family and become a part of a loving caring home!

The family best suited for Izekiel will be one who can give him the attention and love he deserves. Izekiel needs a family who understands his emotional needs. Izekiel easily attaches to people so his family will be around for the long haul. He will be adopted with his four siblings so his family will need a lot of love, patience, and understanding to be the perfect fit for Izaiah. He will benefit from a family who is well trained on trauma care.

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