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Jacey from Texas



from Texas

Jacey is a bright and intelligent girl who enjoys listening to music, getting her hair and nails done, dressing up, reading, and participating in sports. She is an excellent swimmer and has been on a swim team in the past. Jacey also enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. She is a bright child who has the ability to excel in school. Jacey is friendly and makes friends easily. She often enjoys being silly and making other people laugh. Like many girls her age, Jacey enjoys being on her phone and social media. Jacey is independent, strong-willed, and able to express her thoughts and feelings. She can be determined and will sometimes test her limits. Jacey is a child with a lot amazing qualities, talents and skills; though at times she needs reassurance in believing in herself and seeing her full potential. Jacey enjoys indoor and outdoor activities. She grew up with animals and has experience in caring for them.

Jacey will thrive in a family who provides a loving, structured, and consistent environment. A family who offers patience, understanding, and continued guidance would be beneficial for Jacey and her continued personal growth. The ideal family would need to recognize the importance for continued therapeutic services and supervision to ensure Jacey's needs are being fully met so that she can live a happy and productive life. Her family will also spend a lot of individual time with Jacey and access the resources she needs. Jacey would do well with other children, though has expressed a preference for no small children in the home. Jacey maintains contact with her older sibling, who is not a part of this adoption, and would love to find a family who could continue their contact.

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