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Jacob from Texas



from Texas

Jacob is a sweet and thoughtful child. He enjoys new challenges and picks up on new tasks easily. Jacob is inquisitive regarding the world around him and likes to problem solve on his own. He enjoys playing indoors and outdoors and is a fan of the Avengers and Superman. Jacob likes to watch SpongeBob on TV and just received his first cell phone. Jacob does well in school when he learns a new topic quickly, but can become easily upset when he struggles to pick up on new topics. Jacob is learning to manage his interactions with his peers at school and is developing a close bond to the school counselor. Jacob is well-mannered, unselfish, respectful, and enjoys helping others. He also enjoys fishing and keeping others company.

Jacob is best suited for a two-parent household. He will respond well to having a mother and a father to help guide him in being the best person he can be. A family with clear and consistent expectations and a mostly structured routine will be best for Jacob and his siblings. Jacob will require a father who has a gentle guiding hand in directing Jacob's behaviors and upbringing.