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Jaecii from Texas



from Texas

Jaecii is a very sweet youth who makes friends easily. She loves to watch movies and go shopping at the mall. Jaecii is interested in playing sports, such as volleyball or basketball. She loves animals and would love to have a cat or a dog in her new home. Jaecii loves being outside and would like to have adventures that involve the outdoors. At times, Jaecii can become frustrated easily and will need to be redirected in a positive way. She requires consistency and structure. Jaecii has adult siblings and would like to be able to maintain contact with them.

Jaecii needs a family that will provide a lot of attention and structure. She needs a family that will love her and enjoy their sense of togetherness. Jaecii's forever family must be willing to commit to her and create an environment of trust. She would like a family who enjoys being together. Her family will need to establish appropriate boundaries and explain and enforce them will love and compassion. She will thrive with a family who loves to participate in various activities and who will allow her to express herself and show the world how talented she is. Jaecii will also need a family that understands her desire to be in contact with her adult siblings, as this is very important to her.