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Jalen from Texas



from Texas

Jalen is a respectful teenager who takes direction well from his caregivers. Jalen enjoys helping with cooking and cleaning around the house. When he initially meets new people he's very shy and it takes a while for him to come out of his shell. When he warms up to others, he has a charming personality. Jalen is also clean and organized and likes to have his room arranged neatly. He is very intelligent and keeps his grades up and keeps up with his assignments at school. His goal is to attend university and become an engineer. Jalen is also a big fan of football and basketball. He enjoys watching the games and playing both sports. Jalen's favorite food to eat are burgers and his favorite drink is Sprite. His dream would be to play for the NFL someday.

Jalen performs well in a family setting consisting of a mother and father figure. He also does well with children younger than him. His forever family will be supportive of Jalen's aspirations and help him achieve his goals. Jalen"s forever family will be structured and organized.

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