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Jamail from Texas



from Texas

Jamail is a friendly boy who is notably articulate. Some of his favorite things to do include playing video games, watching TV, learning how to work on cars, and playing sports. He has a strong desire to participate in church-related activities like singing in the choir, participating in the usher board, and the youth ministry. Jamail is a soft-spoken child who has a robust laugh once he gets to know you. He is very down to earth and everything makes him laugh. He enjoys school and benefits from individual attention. He has voiced his dedication to improve. Jamail is excited to be adopted. He is ready and willing to be part of a permanent, loving family.

Jamail desires to be a part of a family with a mother and father. His family will be loving, active, and consistent. Jamail will benefit from a family who has a strong focus on academics and is proactive in their children's education and progress. His family will provide a nurturing and an emotional connection which is created and sustained overtime. Jamail needs consistent rules, clear goals, and reinforce positive behaviors with praise and rewards. He will do best in a home environment which is highly structured and loving. The ideal family will attend church regularly and encourage Jamail to participate in extracurricular activities.

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