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James from Texas



from Texas

James is an energetic pre-teen who loves video games. He can be quiet at times, but can also be outgoing and active. It takes James a while to get comfortable with new people, but once he warms up to you, he is very friendly. James enjoys spending time outdoors playing football and basketball. He is interested in joining an extracurricular sports team in the future. James does well in school and enjoys learning new things. He likes playing video games on his Xbox gaming station, and prefers this activity over watching television. He also enjoys building things with Legos and playing with toys. James desires to be a part of a family and hopes to find his forever home soon.

James will benefit from a two-parent household that can provide a lot of patience. He will do well as an only child or with siblings. James will do best with an active family who participates in activities outside of the home. The family will be able to provide for all his needs as well as provide him with structure, routine, and clear expectations. James does best when he knows what is expected of him.

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