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James from Texas



from Texas

James is a kind and sweet teenager. James is learning how to drive and is in driver's education. He makes friends easily and will stick up for his friends out of loyalty. James will stand up for his principals and is learning how to control his anger while doing so. He loves playing video games such as Call of Duty and Rust. He loves running track, cross country and playing football and is learning how to play the guitar. He loves riding mountain bikes on bike trails and enjoys being outside. James loves Texas and would like to stay in the state if possible. James is a protector. His goals are he to be a game developer and designer after he graduate from college. James will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

James' forever family will be caring and loving family. His family will be resourceful. James needs a two parent home with children either the same age or older. He loves the attention from adults and wants to be loved. James will do well with an active family who travels and is into sports. He enjoys going camping or trips to the beach. James wants his new family to know that he loves chicken spaghetti and Chinese food and that he likes to sleep.

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