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Jamie from Texas



from Texas

Jamie is a sweet, loving, imaginative youth who craves love, attention, and understanding. She likes the color purple, music, dancing, animals, and likes to be outdoors. Jamie likes to be active, but is a girly girl. She can be a very quiet, shy girl and responds better when spoken to in a soft voice. She searches to be understood and struggles with expressing her feelings appropriately. She requires patience to allow her to express herself as she can be impulsive. Jamie can be timid at first, but as she gets to know people she becomes more outgoing and affectionate, giving hugs and kisses.

The type of family best needed to meet Jamie's needs is a patient, understanding, and active family. A single female with not more than two children will be best. A parent with experience dealing with you who have experienced difficulties will be best. Jamie has three younger siblings and would like to keep in touch with them. The ideal parent will support this contact.

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