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Jared from Texas



from Texas

Jared is a sweet boy who always wears a huge smile on his face. He is very outgoing, affectionate, and always has a hug ready for anybody and everybody. Jared is never at a loss for words and is very eager to learn as much as he can through interacting and listening to others. Jared likes to be silly, laugh, and play with his siblings. He is always eager to be of help to his foster mom. He enjoys receiving attention from his everyone but especially from his brother and sister. Jared also enjoys watching TV, listening to music, and magic tricks.

Jayden, Layla and Jared all have similar interests. This dynamic group enjoys playing video games, watching cartoons, and playing outside on bright, sunny days. Although the children rarely agree on what cartoon to watch, or what video game to play, they still absolutely love to be with each other. When the three siblings do argue, it lasts for only a few minutes, and is easily resolved. Jayden, Layla and Jared are all bonded, attached, and loving to each other and to other members of their foster family. The children are hopeful for a forever family who will commit to all three of them.

Jared is enthusiastically waiting for his forever home. He will benefit from a strong, loving, and caring family. The ideal family for Jared will be patient and energetic!