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Jasenya from Texas



from Texas

Jasenya is a very outgoing youth. She has a bright smile, a laugh that will melt your heart and beautiful eyes. She loves to attend church and participate in youth activities. Jasenya especially enjoys time at church to praise and worship. She enjoys being active outside, spending time relaxing at the pool, and playing sports. She is your typical teenager that enjoys time with her peers in school and outside of school. She likes to listen to music for leisure time and as a coping skill. She takes great pride in her appearance and loves doing her hair. She is definitely a trendsetter and mixes it up with her fashion. She does well in school and enjoys being active in school events. Jasenya has expressed a passion in the medical field and would like to major in the medical field.

Jasenya is looking for a family that is as fabulous as she is. A family with an interest in sports and who supports her passion for excelling academically would be perfect. She likes to be on the go, so an active family is preferred. Church is very important to her and she would love to grow in her faith alongside her forever family. Her forever family will be a loving family that will set clear and healthy boundaries as well as provide her with plenty of structure, love, support and is nurturing. The ideal family will have few children in the home.

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