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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Jason can be silly and goofy at times but is also protective with his loved ones. He will be timid and soft spoken when initially meeting someone but will become more talkative as time progresses. Jason's interests include video games, drawing, origami, and in the past basketball and swimming. He reports that he wants to be a basketball player when he gets older. Jason also enjoys attending church, reading the bible and learning about religion. Some of his favorite foods are pizza, mashed potatoes, baked chicken, green beans, chips and fruit snacks. Jason is vert inquisitive and states that his favorite subject in school is currently English Language Arts.

Jason will do best in a two parent household who will be able to provide him with guidance as he enters into his teen years. His family will provide him with nurturing, patience, consistency, routine, structure, and permanency in his environment. His family will be firm and provide clear rules and routine. Jason will do well in a home with older children who act as good role models or mentors to Jason.

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