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Jatiree from Texas



from Texas

Jatiree is a caring and funny teenager who sees the best in others around her. She is creative and enjoys coloring, drawing, and writing. Jatiree loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. She enjoys watching music videos on YouTube and singing along. Jatiree cares about others and worries about their safety and well-being. She enjoys receiving attention and she is working hard to improve her leadership skills. Jatiree is working on expressing herself through open and positive communication. She benefits from patience and understanding, as she can be very persistent in her desires, which shows her strong determination and intelligence. Jatiree has a very sweet and driven personality, and she is determined to work hard at having a positive future.

Jatiree wants a family of her own. She will do well in a family who has experience raising teenagers. She enjoys attention and she will benefit from caregivers who are able to spend time with her and explore some of the same interests that she has. Jatiree will benefit from a family who will advocate for her needs and continue to help her learn as she matures.

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