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Javyon from Texas



from Texas

Javyon is a laid back youth who enjoys spending time with people he loves. He describes himself as athletic, smart, and playful. Javyon especially enjoys playing basketball and football. His hobbies include: writing music, listening to music, playing sports, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games. Javyon is a Christian and enjoys going to church on Sundays. His favorite foods are orange chicken and fried chicken. One of Javyon's wishes is to be a rapper. He would like to go to college at LSU and play basketball for the university. Javyon does well in school and will need a caregiver who will encourage him to be accountable for completing and turning in his assignments.

Javyon hopes to find a family who is outgoing and active like him. He is eager to succeed in life and be loved by a great family. Javyon is open to living in a one or two parent household. He would like to stay in Texas and is also open to having siblings and pets. His ideal family will share his same religion and enjoy going to church and church activities with him. Javyon would like a family who is active and enjoys sports. A family who supports him in his desires to play on sports teams will be ideal.