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Jaxon from Texas



from Texas

Jaxon is a child who is very into the outdoors and loves exploring. He has never been hiking before, but hopes he can go one day. He has the most fun when playing outside on the playground or playing hide and seek with other children. He and his brother share a close bond. Jaxon often copies his brother's behavior and he loves to be in his company. Jaxon is mild-mannered, soft-spoken, and sensitive. He can become really emotional at times, but looks to his big brother for comfort. Overall, Jaxon is a really fun, loving child with a lot of love to offer.

Jaxon and his older brother, Jordan, share a really close bond with each other. Jaxon often mimics Jordan's behavior and mannerisms and he loves to be in Jordan's company. Jordan is more of an introvert and prefers to be alone and Jaxon is more of an extrovert, being more out-going than his brother. Jaxon is mild-mannered, soft-spoken and sensitive, which is quite the opposite from Jordan, but together, their differences balances them out. Jaxon looks to his big brother for comfort and protection. Both are close in age being only three years apart, so they share toys, watch cartoons and play games and sports together.

Jaxon will do well in a two parent household with or without other children. The family will offer structure and routines, which have proven best in managing Jaxon's behavior and emotional stability. The ideal family will be outgoing and adventurous, allowing Jaxon to engage in the things that he enjoys doing. The family must be there to nurture, love, protect, and provide for all of Jaxon's basic needs.