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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a friendly and sweet youth who loves one on one attention. He enjoys going to school. Jayden smiles and is happy when he meets people he knows. He is outgoing and loves to meet new people. He struggles with accepting that sometimes he can't do things just like he would choose. He is working on learning new coping skills. Jayden likes to participate in group events. He loves to go out to eat, bowling, movies, and to the park. Jayden wants to play baseball in school. He is interested in video games, drawing, and computers. He is helpful in the kitchen and with other chores.

Jayden needs a family who is patient and committed to loving him. He needs a family who is understanding and patient. A family who will help him utilize his newly attained coping skills, will be ideal. He needs a family that is supportive and will nurture his interests. A permanent family for Jayden needs to be able to take care of his needs and provide consistency in a nurturing in a highly structured loving environment. His forever family needs to provide security and be committed to caring for him. He will benefit being in a family with older children.