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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a very active boy. He does well playing by himself! He enjoys running around outside, kicking balls, watching television and going out to eat. Jayden enjoys video games and playing on his IPAD. He can be kind, sweet, and loving. He needs to be redirected at times when he gets upset. He has a big personality and is a really funny boy. He is very kind and has a smile that lights any room that he is in. He enjoys being around people and interacting with others. He loves dinosaurs and video games (especially Minecraft). He is diagnosed with a global developmental delay. He is learning skills such as making his bed, brushing his hair, picking out his clothes, and getting dressed, etc. Jayden would be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Jayden will do best with a two-parent family or a single-parent family that has a flexible schedule and able to take him to his therapy appointments. His forever family will be supportive and caring. His forever family will provide him with the love he needs into adulthood.

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