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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a polite and smart young boy who is full of life and very active. He is always on the go. He is always ready to visit new places and have new experiences. Jayden has a very healthy appetite, and he enjoys Chinese food. He especially likes the Hibachi-style cooking. Jayden is very witty and intelligent and likes to play chess. He likes to play video games in his spare time, but he also enjoys spending time outdoors. His favorite sport to play is basketball. He likes to go on adventures, play board games, and watch movies. Jayden has a big imagination and enjoys telling stories. He is talkative, bright, and friendly. He is described as inquisitive and good natured. Jayden takes pride in his appearance. He likes to look his best and enjoys getting his hair cut. Jayden is smart and does well in school.

Jayden's forever family will be one who has an active lifestyle, since he is an active and energetic child. He will thrive in a home environment where he has various opportunities for new experiences, as he is always wanting to explore. Jayden will benefit in a family where he can receive dedicated individual attention. Jayden's forever family will be a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding of his needs. His family will be patient as Jayden adjusts to his new home and offer him unconditional love. His family will effectively and appropriately address behaviors in and out of the home. Jayden would benefit from being with a family who is open to allowing him to remain in contact with his biological family.

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