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Jaylin from Texas



from Texas

Jaylin is a soft-spoken child with has a peculiar laugh when he finds something funny. He is not easily upset, and is very protective of his sister. Jaylin is playful, polite, and has his own fashion sense. Jaylin can, at times, get upset when things don't go as he had envisioned, but he is easily redirected. Jaylin loves sports, especially basketball, and his favorite player is Kobe Bryant. He also has a favorite football team, which of course it's the Houston Texans! If he could he would trade Pokemon cards and watch video games every day. He is ready and willing to be a part of a loving forever family.

Mariah and Jaylin have a very close connection with each other and desire to be adopted into a loving family. They enjoy playing together and are always looking out for each other's best interests when they are together. Jaylin is rather shy and loves to receive attention and affection from his caregivers. He loves to collect basketball and Pokemon trading cards. Mariah and Jaylin share many of the same hobbies, but each have their own unique personality. Mariah loves playing with dolls and watching cartoons. Jaylin, being the older of the two, is very protective of Mariah and loves her very much.

Jaylin will benefit from a family who understands and uses age appropriate discipline, as well as exhibiting patience. Jaylin will thrive in an environment which consists of structure, consistency, and firmness. He will benefit from a family who has an awareness of Autism and a strong focus on academics. Jaylin is excited about being adopted and it's in his best interest to have a family who will cultivate his interests and help him to strengthen his weaker areas. One of his wishes is to be adopted with his sister.

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