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Jaymin from Texas



from Texas

Jaymin is an active teen who is passionate when talking about subjects that interest him. In his spare time, Jaymin likes being involved with technology that affords him the opportunity to assemble things. He is a very adventurous child who loves being outdoors and likes to fish. When he grows up, Jaymin hopes to work in a profession where he can do something outdoors or build things with his hands. He also enjoys spending time playing video games, exploring technology, talking with friends, watching movies and taking things apart. Jaymin's personality is sweet and affectionate. He does well in school when he is engaged on the subject. At times, Jaymin can experience moments when he has a hard time staying focused. When this occurs, allowing him to take frequent breaks benefit him in getting back on track. Jaymin does best when provided with a structured schedule. He gets along well with other children, but enjoys being the center of attention. Jaymin's favorite food is pizza and his favorite colors are black and blue.

Jaymin will be a great addition to any family who likes to be out and about. He will do best in a home where he receives ample support and guidance as well as structure. Jaymin loves to being involved in outside activities. His ideal family will encourage his participation in community events while providing him with unconditional love.

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