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Jenifer from Texas



from Texas

Jenifer is a social butterfly who is extremely outgoing, loving, and easy to get along with. She often enjoys the outdoors and being active. She is athletic, loves sports, and is a great volleyball player. Jenifer enjoys being around families that enjoy the same activities as her. She gets along well with younger children and is a caring and loving mentor to them. Jenifer is a very loving youth who is excited to find a forever family and experience new adventures and life lessons. She is talented in so many ways and just needs that extra attention and push to give her the confidence and drive to succeed. Jenifer aspires to be someone great in life; someone who makes a difference.

Jenifer needs a family that will guide, support, and encourage her to follow her dreams. She wants parents who will celebrate her successes and give her that extra push she needs to get back up when she falls. Jenifer envisions a mom who will take her shopping and support and guide her to achieve her goals. She dreams of a dad who will protect her, stand up for her, and play sports with her. Jenifer will do well with a family that is loving, understanding, open minded, and able to provide her structure and guidance. She also would like a family that communicates well.

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