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Jenna from Texas



from Texas

Jenna is a strong willed child who is a huge self-advocate. She does a great job speaking up for her needs and desires. Jenna has a personality that will light up a room and is very social with her peers. She enjoys listening to music as a coping skill, being around animals, and watching T.V. Jenna needs caring adults in her life to help her recognize her self-worth and offer her consistent guidance and support. She describes herself as a "girly girl," and enjoys shopping, cooking, and dancing. Jenna continues to make progress recognizing when she needs to utilize coping skills and how to express her feelings to others around her.

Jenna is anxiously awaiting her forever family! She wants a home with nice parents. Jenna will thrive with a family who is willing to accept her for who she is. She desires to have someone who will be patient, loving, and committed to her. She will do best with a family who will reach out into the community and seek resources that are beneficial and helpful for her. Jenna will be happy with either a two parent or single parent home.

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