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Jenna from Texas



from Texas

Jenna presents as being a very shy person when you first meet her. When she becomes comfortable, she has a very outgoing personality. Her hobbies and interests include shopping, dancing, cooking, listening to music, playing with animals, and talking on the phone. Jenna also likes to play video games and watching comedy or family shows. She wants to one day be involved in Girl Scouts or cheerleading. Jenna loves to eat hot wings, tuna sandwiches, and lemon pepper chicken. Her favorite toys include teddy bears, baby dolls, and the candy land game. She does not have a favorite subject in school. Jenna can display challenging behaviors at times. She is continuing to learn appropriate ways to manage this behavior.

Jenna is anxiously awaiting her forever family! She wants a home with nice parents. Jenna will thrive with a family who is willing to accept her for who she is. She desires to have someone who will be patient, loving, and committed to her. She will do best with a family who will reach out into the community and seek resources that are beneficial and helpful for her. Jenna will be happy with either a two parent or single parent home.