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Jennavie from Texas



from Texas

Jennavie, who prefers to go by "Jenna," is a sweet girl who enjoys playing with dolls and babies. She enjoys playing outdoor games, such as tag and chase. Her favorite foods are pancakes, pizza, and tacos. She is very smart and enjoys math, science, and reading. She enjoys showing off her reading skills, but also enjoys having someone read to her. She can be talkative at school, but she is easily redirected. She is very easy to talk to and connect with. She enjoys playing board games and building with Legos. She is a great swimmer and enjoys spending at much time as possible in the pool. People being silly makes her laugh.

Josiah, Jaiden, and Jennavie have a typical sibling rivalry. Jaiden enjoys winning against his brother or anyone else at chess. They play well together, but also enjoy their own personal time. The children enjoy spending time together bike riding, swimming, and being outdoors. They are all very active children who like to be on the go, from being outside at the park or lake to being at a children's church group for choir and plays, to scouting out treasures at yard sales. Although the siblings can be competitive with each other, they also encourage one another when they are struggling with something. Josiah, Jaiden, and Jennavie are very close to one another and keep a watchful eye on each other.

Jennavie is anxiously awaiting her forever family! She will do best in a traditional family setting with a mom and a dad. Jennavie will thrive in a family who are very active, loves doing arts and crafts, and staying busy. Jennavie will benefit from a home with a consistent and structured environment.