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Jennifer from Texas



from Texas

Jennifer loves animals and gets so happy when she can visit them. She enjoys being in a home where there are other children with whom to interact. Her favorite pastime is watching out the window for birds. Jennifer is a youth with special needs. She has difficulty talking, and often only uses single word responses or repetitive phrases. Jennifer can also have difficulty adjusting to change. She loves sweets and enjoys when her teachers bring her cakes for special occasions. Jennifer has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and will need a family who can provide support for her limitations and inability to function in areas of daily life, such as communication, self-care, getting along in social situations, and school activities. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

An ideal family for Jennifer will be loving, patient, and skilled in working with children with Autism and special needs. The family will need to be child centered and willing to provide her care through adulthood. Since Jennifer enjoys nature and animals it will be great if her adoptive family has access to a safe area for her to enjoy the outdoors. Jennifer would love to join a family who has pets. Her worker is open to working with out of state families.

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