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Jeremiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeremiah is a rambunctious child. He loves being outside playing any sport, such as football or basketball. Jeremiah loves going on family outing and meeting new people. He likes playing video and computer games. Jeremiah is doing well in school. He makes good grades and his favorite subjects are reading and math. Some of his favorite foods include hamburgers and pizza. Jeremiah loves having individual attention. He is very sociable and makes friends easily, but can also play independently. At times, Jeremiah gets upset, but he is working on ways to manage his behavior when this happens. Jeremiah is very upbeat and happy often.

Jeremiah and K'Vonnta share a close sibling connection. The brothers display typical sibling behaviors, such as bickering back and forth. Jeremiah, as the older, tends to take the leader role in their relationship. K'Vonnta actually looks up to his older brother. They both likes playing football and video games. The two brothers show their affection by giving each other hugs. They enjoy playing board games together, watching TV, and playing video games. The brothers love going on family outings and meeting new people. Jeremiah is upbeat and usually happy. K'Vonnta is shy and soft spoken upon first meeting. The boys look forward to finding the family who will adopt them both, as they very much want to stay together. They both love to eat pizza!

Jeremiah will benefit greatly from parents who are caring and understanding. A family who will provide consistent structure, boundaries, and affection, is needed. He will do well in a home with a strong male role model. Jeremiah need on-going supportive services to help them adjust to his new home.