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Jeremiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeremiah is a sweet and energetic boy who loves playing with his toys and figurines. Like many children his age, he favors running, jumping, swimming, and playing on the playscape. He is quickly gaining more independence and gives off an "old soul vibe." He likes broccoli and salad, if you can believe it, and he absolutely loves wearing hats! Jeremiah is usually very calm, he responds well to redirection and is able to calm down quickly. He is a helper and enjoys family activities, such as attending church and playing outside with his sisters, who he loves very much. Jeremiah is a happy boy who enjoys attention and seeks connections with caregivers and others.

Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are a fun-loving, energetic, bright, and happy sibling group. They all enjoy being outdoors and playing together. The three children have a strong connection that is evident through their interactions. Faith loves being an older sister and tends to take the role of the protective sister very seriously. Jeremiah is the sweet and sometimes shy sibling, and Grace has the biggest and most jubilant personality of the three. Faith is reserved and happy girl. She enjoys playing with her two younger siblings. Jeremiah is an energetic boy who loves his toys and figurines. He is a happy toddler who enjoys wearing hats and is constantly gaining more independence. Grace has a happy, fun-loving, and big personality. She is a very sweet and curious girl. Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are thriving children.

Jeremiah will thrive with a family who offers ample amounts of individual attention and various opportunities for learning. He will benefit from a family who has clearly defined parental roles with caregivers who offer redirection, choices, and lots of emotional support. Jeremiah enjoys connections and interacting with adults. A family who is involved and engaged in the community, neighborhood, church and school would ensure that his healthy connections continue to grow. Jeremiah is quite energetic and having active parents who can offer him consistent outlets for his energy will be a great match. Jeremiah is a flourishing boy, looking for love, patience, and support.

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