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Jeremy from Texas



from Texas

Jeremy is a very stylish and cool kid who loves going to school and feels education is very important. He is very independent and can have good social skills. Jeremy has strong opinions when it comes to his friends and family. At times he does not make the best choices. Jeremy loves feeling connected to family and friends and can be very protective at times. He does well making new friends in any situation. Jeremy is very easy going and loves to go shopping for designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. He enjoys playing video games, listening and writing music, and is big into technology. He uses music as a coping mechanism to express his feelings. Jeremy knows how to produce music and make beats on his own. He has written lyrics to a song about his life. Jeremy loves playing football and has dreams of playing in the NFL. He sometimes struggles with authority due to his being very independent. With this independence he wants to make his own choices.

Jeremy needs a family who is willing to provide a loving, structured, and stable home for him. It is very important that Jeremy is given the opportunity to just be a kid and be able to socialize and interact with his peers. He needs a family who will give him the opportunity to grow and understand that he has been through a lot for his age. Jeremy wants to stay in contact with his birth family so it is important that family supports this contact.

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