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Jermaine from Texas



from Texas

Jermaine is described as an extremely shy youth when upon initially meeting him. Once he feels comfortable with someone, he truly opens up and is talkative and funny. Jermaine is nervous about finding his forever family, but he is very open to the idea. He would like to find a family who accepts him as himself. Jermaine can also be described as an introvert, but he enjoys socializing with youth his age. He is very playful and active. Like many teenagers, he enjoys playing on electronic devices. Jermaine enjoys sports like football, basketball, and track. Jermaine's favorite subjects in school are math and science. He has a unique connection with his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and enjoys visiting with them.

Jermaine will thrive in a loving, structured and nurturing home environment. He will do well with a two-parent family with or without any children. Jermaine has stated also he would not mind being in a single mother's home. He desires a patient family, so he can develop a trust and connection with his forever family. It will be helpful for Jermaine to participate in extracurricular activities and have the resources to continue his personal growth and a smooth transition to his family. Jermaine will thrive in a family who is active and likes to participate in a variety of activities. Jermaine wants a family who will continue the visits with his siblings which are not a part of this adoption.

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