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Jessica from Texas



from Texas

Jessica is a sweet child who gets along with everybody. She loves to do arts and crafts. Jessica is very nurturing and does well with animals. She loves all kinds of food, but her favorites are noodles, cookies, and salad with tomatoes. Jessica likes school. Math and science are her favorite subjects. She also loves "girly" things, like makeup and earrings. Jessica loves to help others and is very helpful around the house. She enjoys doing chores and earning money. Jessica loves to be around other people. She stated that the best word to describe her is "happy." She is very quiet and shy at first. Once you break her walls she is very funny and happy.

Jessica's ideal home would be out in the country and have lots of animals. Having a mother only, would be ideal for Jessica. She loves a lot of individual attention and wouldn't mind being the only child in the family, although in the past, she has been known to be very helpful when she has the role of a big sister and the responsibilities that go with it. Jessica is very sweet and having a family who will provide affirmation, love, and patience will help Jessica reach her highest potential.

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