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Jessie from Texas



from Texas

Jessie is a very sweet and loving youth. He desperately wants to belong to a family and feel loved. Jessie warms up to people pretty fast and enjoys getting to know them. He does need to be supervised with other children, but typically gets along great with others. Jessie loves to read and participate in family activities. He enjoys school and attending church with his foster family. Jessie also really enjoys riding his bike when the weather is nice. He, at times becomes upset he feels hurt by someone. He is a perfectionist and does not like to feel as though he has disappointed anyone. Jessie has a lot of love to give to a family who is willing to work with him and help him grow into a well-rounded individual.

Jessie is seeking a home with a loving family. He does best with a father figure. Jessie needs a structured home that is open to working with him on behaviors and helping him to stay on a positive path. A family with no children will be optimal, but he will do well in a home with older children. Jessie would love to be in a home where there are a lot of outings as a family. He would really enjoy being in a family that is very hands on and good with communication.

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