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Jessie from Texas



from Texas

Jessie is a quiet youth who takes life as it comes and has a sense of humor. He takes his friendships seriously and is always there for his friends. You will find him hanging out with friends at the swimming pool, fishing, or riding their bikes together. Jessie is passionate about fishing and bicycling. He just got a new bike that he takes pride in. Jessie enjoys spending his spare time fixing his fishing poles. He is learning how to fly fish currently and would love to have somebody teach him the nuances of fly fishing. He spends as much time outside as he can doing either activity. Jessie really likes to be in nature and explore the nearby parks. He enjoys playing basketball with friends. His favorite school subject is U.S. History. Jessie takes pride in his appearance. He isn't a picky eater; except he doesn't like vegetables. Jessie wants to go to Six Flags and ride the Wonder Woman ride. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. His dream car is a Mercedes Benz. Jessie has plans to mow yards in order to start earning money. Rap and country music are his favorite genres of music to listen to. His favorite country artist is Jason Aldean. He is a dog lover and likes to read comic books. Jessie wants to play football as a linebacker or wide receiver. He enjoys watching fishing programs, Discovery and National Geographic channels, and cartoon shows. If Jessie could go anywhere for vacation, he would want to go to the beach and go fishing.

The ideal family for Jessie will be a supportive family who will meet all his needs. His forever family will provide unconditional love and consistent structure. He will thrive with a family who provides activities done as a family but who also encourages him to follow individual pursuits. His forever family will be trustworthy and will always be there for him. The ideal family will encourage him to be creative and express his individualism while achieving his goals. Jessie would love to be in a home where there are a lot of outings as a family.

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