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Jesus from Texas



from Texas

Jesus is a happy, independent minded boy who gets along well with others. He is outgoing and friendly and is not shy about expressing his feelings and opinions. He likes playing sports and riding his bike with his sibling and at times he lets his competitive nature get the best of him. He also enjoys video games and watching movies. Jesus is actively involved in family outings, such as camping and fishing trips, church, eating out and participating in parties and community events. He enjoys going to school and his favorite subjects are math, PE, and music. Jesus has an active imagination and his attention must be held.

Jesus is very aware of his situation and desires to be adopted by a family who will allow for him to maintain contact with his older siblings who are not part of this adoption. Jesus wants a family who will love him unconditionally and accept him with all his perfect flaws. Jesus needs a family who is consistent and structured, a family who will guide, supervise him and offer unconditional support. He would like a family who is just as active as he. Jesus considers himself a sporty guy and will do well with a family who enjoys outdoor activities. Jesus is a sweet and caring boy who would love to find his forever family.