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J J from Texas



from Texas

J.J. is a helpful and hands on, nice boy. He enjoys being outdoors and playing at the park. He loves all things outdoors and mainly is a kid who loves water. J.J. likes to go fishing and just recently got his own fishing pole. He also enjoys watching others fish and gets excited when they catch a big fish. J.J. reported that he has caught up to six fish before and likes to catch them and release them back into the water. He also expressed that he likes to watch the turtles come up in the water and the frogs leaping in the water. J.J. enjoys school but struggles in reading. He really strives at doing better at school and in home. J.J. is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He likes to play video games on the x box and board games too. J.J. likes to keep himself busy by finding things to do when he is bored. J.J. likes to ride his bike outside. J.J. is an outdoorsman at heart.

J.J. would like to find a family who is patient with him and take the time to really get to know him. He needs a family who will work with him on his weaknesses and praise him on his strengths. J.J. is not picky on what he is looking for in a family; either a single parent or two parents. He would like to be in a home that is active and loves to be outdoors. It goes without saying that fishing is a must. He would love to be able to have a family who has a fishing boat and he can go fishing all the time. J.J. is fine with being a big brother or little brother. He is looking for a home that will allow him to be a child.

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