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J'kayla from Texas



from Texas

J'Kayla is a very smart and loving child. She enjoys helping out around the house. J'Kayla enjoys helping to make lunch or with the laundry in the home. She responds well to positive praise. J'Kayla is a great student who really loves school. She cannot wait until she is able to be back in a classroom environment to learn with her friends. Her favorite subjects are math and reading. She engages well with other children and adults. J'Kayla is very protective of her younger brother, Jacob. J'Kayla and Jacob are very close to each other. J'Kayla's favorite foods include pizza, sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. She loves riding her bike when the weather is nice.

J'Kayla and Jacob are a smart and loving pair of siblings. The two are both helpers and enjoy helping around the house. J'Kayla and Jacob respond well to positive praise. Both children enjoy playing outside, watching movies, and they love to watch Disney Channel. J'Kayla is very protective of her younger brother, Jacob. She feels it is her job to help make sure he is taken care of all of the time. J'Kayla and Jacob are very close and are very attached to each other. They enjoy each other company and although they are different, they have a lot in common.

J'Kayla will thrive in a patient, nurturing, and structured forever home. A positive family who reassures her she is safe, stable, loved, and spend individual time with her will be ideal. This will help establish a new foundation for success for J'Kayla. J'Kayla's forever family will provide her a safe place to express herself and an environment where she can continue to reach her goals. Her family will be patient and structured. They will continue to access any needed resources. J'Kayla needs a family who is structured with age appropriate discipline and consequences for her.

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