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John-paul from Texas



from Texas

John Paul is focused on joining the Navy upon completing high school. He has ambitions of making the Navy his career and be a mechanic in the future. He has a good connection to his younger siblings Rosa and Nathaniel, and will maintain close contact with them once he moves on to reach his goals. It is important to John Paul to have a stable family environment for himself and his siblings as they move forward in their lives. Keeping different connections in his life is important to John Paul. He is a friendly child. John Paul does well in school and maintains a part time job while attending school.

John Paul eldest of this sibling group. He has the specific goal of going into the Navy. John does well in school and has a good connection with his younger siblings who he gets along well with. He plans to remain in close contact with his siblings once he moves on to the next phase of life. Rosa is the mouthpiece of the trio; she will often answer for her brothers and can be very outspoken. She likes to joke around with her brothers and laugh or make them laugh. Nathaniel has a quiet and friendly personality. He is a very polite child. It is clear he loves his sister and brother and has a good connection to them. John Paul, Rosa, and Nathaniel all have strong feelings about remaining together prior to John Paul joining the military to follow his dreams. These siblings like to go to the park and play basketball together, go out to eat, and shop together. The brothers often play video games together on Nathaniel's Nintendo Switch or John Paul's Play Station.

A family who will help launch John Paul into his world as a young adult interested in joining the military and keep him connected to his two younger siblings will be ideal. A family with a mom and dad would be preferred and siblings would be fine with John Paul. John Paul would like to stay in contact with older siblings and other individuals from his biological family, so keeping those connections is also very important to him.

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