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Jordon from Texas



from Texas

Jordon is an alert, curious and social child. He loves cell phones and playing with other children. He is cheerful and optimistic. Jordon is very active and likes to move around, but is easily redirected. Jordon requires assistance and support with completing daily tasks at home and school. Jordan's teachers and caregivers continue to help him learn new things at his own pace. Jordan wears hearing aids to help him listen and communicate with others. He is also learning American Sign Language which he enjoys. Jordon loves being outdoors where he can move around freely. He likes action sports, especially basketball, swimming and soccer.

Jordon will succeed with a family who will care for his needs, participate in activities, and provide him with a nurturing home environment. A family who enjoys being active in extracurricular activities, church events, and community activities will be beneficial. Jordan's forever family will be patient as Jordon adjusts to his new environment. They will provide structured in order to give him a sense of routine and stability. It would be beneficial for his family to know or be willing to learn American Sign Language.

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