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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose is a quiet and reserved youth. He is shy when he first meets someone, but opens up once he feels comfortable or is around those he trusts, such as foster parents and teachers. Jose sometimes needs prompting to respond with words rather than nodding his head or shrugging his shoulders. He is able to follow directions and listen to his foster parents and teachers. Jose is helpful around the home and assists with chores. Jose enjoys being outside. His favorite things to do are riding his bike, playing video games and board games, and putting together Star Wars Legos. Jose's all-time favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

Jose will benefit from being with a patient family that encourages him to be social and participate in activities to promote healthy social interactions with others. Jose tends to isolate himself when he becomes upset and has difficulty expressing his emotions, so a family who is understanding of his needs and when he wants space will be beneficial. Jose will also benefit from a safe and structured environment with consistent discipline strategies where he can learn appropriate social and daily living skills. Praise and acknowledgement of Jose's positive behaviors will be helpful to him. Asking Jose follow-up questions after giving directions will also be helpful in confirming his understanding of the task or expectations of him.

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