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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose is an energetic child and enjoys being around his siblings. He enjoys playing outside with his peers and siblings. Jose loves superheroes and riding around on a bike or scooter. He is shy at first, but warms up quickly to people who show an interest in him. He has a big, bright smile which is contagious to all who come in contact with him. He enjoys attending school and states art is his favorite subject. Since being in school, Jose has really come into his own, perfecting his writing skills to create beautiful penmanship and excelling in his art classes. His artwork is worth displaying in the home.

The siblings are known as the Fab Five. They are a group of five siblings who are inseparable. They have a bond like no other. The children enjoy spending time with each other daily and look forward to seeing each other. The children express their love through playing, hugs, and showing affection to each other. The children are smart and full of energy. These siblings love to have fun. Some of their favorite hobbies are arts and crafts, singing, dancing, playing games and watching television. One common hobby they all share is enjoying being outdoors. All the children love to play outside. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Jose will find his best match with a family who is loving and caring. He would love to be in a family who is energetic. Jose will also benefit from a family who will show him love and affection.