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Jose' from Texas



from Texas

Jose is a handsome young man with a great smile. He is very loving and enjoys being around animals. Jose enjoys playing video games, watching movies, skating boarding, riding his bike, playing board games and being outdoors. Jose also enjoys sports. Jose is a quiet and soft spoken child. He is initially reserved but will open up once he gets to know to know you and wants your undivided attention. Jose is doing fair in school. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives support services from school including speech therapy and reading assistance. Jose is not participating any any extra-curricular activates at this time. Jose wants a forever family and parents that can encourage him and help him build trust and confidence.

Jose's forever family will be supportive, affectionate environment and a family committed to meeting his daily needs. The best family for Jose is a one or two parent home that is nurturing, structured, and has a strong support system. He would do well if he is the only child or with older siblings that can be a good role model for Jose. Jose deserves to have a loving, caring and child-focused family that embraces him with unconditional love, attention, stability, and protection. Jose's family will provide clear rules and consequences, as well as rewards and praise. Jose remains focused through patience, structure and consistency.

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