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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose warms up to people quickly. He likes to check on all the other children in the home. He likes to watch TV and especially likes to watch Sponge Bob and Bob the Builder. Jose is fascinated with policemen. He loves playing with Legos, Hot Wheels, and trains. Jose is diagnosed with many medical conditions, including DiGeorge Syndrome and a low immune system. He is learning American Sign Language to communicate and he knows over 100 signs. Jose does well communicating his wants and needs. He is smart and understands what is being said. Jose receives homebound schooling, where the teacher comes to his home two times a week for two hours a day. He also receives speech and occupational therapy, but he no longer requires physical therapy. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Jose needs a forever family who understands his medical needs and can meet them, as a child and as an adult. He will do best with a stay-at-home parent. Jose needs a family that is firm, structured, and loving.