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Jose from Texas



from Texas

Jose is a sweet, loving, and curious young boy who is full of life! He utterly enjoys having others around him. He is aware of who is coming towards him by hearing their footsteps or recognizing their smell without having to turn and look at them. Jose is diagnosed with several medical conditions including Moebius Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and seizure disorder. He utilizes a wheelchair for mobility, but that does not stop him from enjoying outings, and has recently become more mobile and active. He has begun to stand with assistance. Jose may be quiet, but he is a creative child and has come up with ways to communicate and interact with others in his own special way. He acknowledges his surroundings and communicates with mumbling. He likes to watch people's actions and mimic what is being said. Jose may not be able to show his emotions, but he is a happy loving child. Jose thrives when there are people around him willing to play and interact with him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Jose wants to be loved and part of a family. He is ready to be adopted and looking for a family where he feels loved, secure, and accepted. These things are very important in finding the perfect family for him. It is important Jose is able to find a family who is able to meet his primary medical needs and include him in everyday routines and activities. It is very important Jose finds a family who is knowledgeable about medical needs, and willing to learn more in order to help him continue to thrive. His family will offer unconditional support, love, and understanding. Jose's dream family will help him grow stronger and encourage him to reach his full potential. He will do well with a family who offers patience and love and is willing to learn how to assist him with his medical condition. He will do best in a structured environment that also allows him to grow and develop his own interests.