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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is an eager, energetic, and intelligent youth. He is very bright! As a matter of fact, intelligence is one of his biggest assets. Joseph desperately wants to be loved and accepted. He enjoys spending one-on-one time with his caregivers. Joseph loves to learn and enjoys the spotlight. He has a keen sense for fairness and advocates for it. He will make a fine lawyer one day, once he realizes he can't be the judge and the jury. Joseph is inquisitive and insightful. He wants to make good decisions and will need constant support and encouragement. He works hard at orchestrating situations and forecasting reactions to determine how to gain his desired results. At times, Joseph lacks the maturity to fully understand and master all that he experiences and therefore will act out over assertively. Afterwards, he is often disappointed and remorseful when he reflects on his actions. Joseph is still learning ways to resolve issues from his past and benefits from supportive services. It is imperative for his family to encourage him and help him overcome these obstacles. Joseph has a huge heart! He is kind and affectionate when he is enjoying a calm day. He is very organized and likes to keep things clean. Joseph functions well with organization and order. He likes to be neat in his appearance. Helping out at home and at school are things Joseph loves to do. He enjoys holding conversations with adults and interacting, laughing, and joking around. Joseph has a soft spot in his heart for his younger sister, who is not part of this adoption. He cherishes every opportunity he gets to visit her and hopes to continue communication with her. Joseph is a strong protector of those he loves. Joseph would really like a family where he can be the center of attention for a while.

It will be beneficial if Joseph's parents are experienced in helping children understand their emotions and adapt healthier coping skills. The family for Joseph will be knowledgeable in child development and very familiar with trauma informed care training. They will also be open to seek expert sources to help Joseph overcome his challenges and conquer a happy, healthy quality of life. Joseph deserves to experience what it would be like to be the star of his forever family as he has not had that before. Joseph will flourish the best as the youngest or only child in the home. Joseph requires a family who is patient and willing to take time to reassure Joseph that he is loved unconditionally. He may enjoy being home schooled. His parents will be experienced, organized, active, and loving. They will be able to advocate for Joseph in school. Most of all they will understand that Joseph has some significant disappointments in his past, but he has plenty of potential to have a good future.

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