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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is a spunky child with a kind spirit. He is outgoing and loves to talk. Joseph has demonstrated great resilience and has a positive personality. At times, Joseph may need reminders to focus, this does not stop him from excelling in school. He states he is "the smartest child you will ever meet." Joseph loves school and his favorite subject is math. Joseph has a variety of interests such as reading comic books, playing outside, and riding go-karts. He is also a big fan of cars and loves playing with Hot Wheels. He enjoys some sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and swimming. Joseph likes camping, fishing, and going on walks or hikes. Joseph is a generous child who has a lot of love to share with his new family.

Joseph will do well in a family who is supportive, patient, and committed. Joseph needs a family who will stick by him as he continues to succeed, while offering guidance along the way. Joseph's family will be strong, positive role models to assist him in learning relationships and family functioning. At his request, it would be best if his family does not reside in upper North Texas area, but it is hoped that the location will not deter any families who would be interested in parenting Joseph.