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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is an active and adventurous child who enjoys being outside. He has the most fun when he is watching movies or playing video games. Joseph enjoys cars as well. At times, Joseph finds it difficult to stay focused when there are distractions around him. However, Joseph does well in his ability to be task orientated when he is busy. Joseph considers himself to be loyal to those around him. His favorite foods are chips and cookies. Joseph receives academic supportive services to help ensure his success. He use noises and gestures to communicate his needs. Joseph is working hard in learning ways to express his needs in a positive manner and needs role models to help him learn appropriate coping skills. Joseph is easily redirected and is eager to feel wanted by a family.

Joseph is looking for a family who is devoted to his individualized needs and is patient with his development. Joseph hopes his future family will be committed to helping him grow into a responsible adult and will be loving and nurturing. Joseph will do best in a two-parent household and with a family who is understanding of his physical and emotional needs.

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