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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph, or Joey, loves to be active, he seem to have a natural untapped potential for sports. He has a high level of energy and loves to run, jump, and play. He needs the chance to discover his own likes and dislikes when it comes to hobbies and sports. Joey is a storyteller and has a good imagination. He likes superheroes and action figures, as well as remote control cars and riding his bike outside. Joey can be sensitive at times, and he thrives on positive attention, rewards, and structure. He is close to his little brother and the two have always been together. Joey often needs reminders to remain on task at home and at school. Joey is trying to figure out his place in the world and trying to understand his journey.

Joseph, who goes by Joey, and Frances, who only responds to Frankie, have always been close brothers and are best friends. At times, like many siblings, the brothers may argue over a toy or jockey for attention. The two brothers like to talk about name brand shoes and sometimes even wear matching clothing. Joey and Frankie love to run and play. Both brothers seem to have raw athletic talent, although neither of them have had the chance to explore their own likes and dislikes. Both of the boys like to talk and are expressive in their actions and words. Joey likes to be held and enjoys being cared for with lots of affection and nurturing, Frankie is more independent and enjoys other ways of showing love and support such as spending time together and helping him with his homework. Both of the boys like to give and receive hugs and both are full of energy and love to talk!

Joey needs a loving, compassionate, and patient family. He prefers a family with a mother and father, and would do best in a home where there is no more than one additional child to him and his brother. He will benefit from a strong male role model who has the time to devote to helping him learn and grow. Joey needs an active family who will expose him to sports and other community events, and will encourage him to develop his own unique personality with likes and dislikes. Joey will adapt to his adoptive home and learn new things. Joey needs the freedom and confidence to be himself, but in a safe home where he is provided structure and boundaries. His family will be sincerely committed to him forever and ready to show him that. Joey's family will help build his self-esteem and expose him to new people, places, and things so he can grow and learn.

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