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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a sweet child who has lots of love to give. He enjoys being around others. He forms strong connections with his caregivers. Joshua benefits from receiving a lot of time and attention from his caregivers. He likes to stretch out and enjoys songs that have singing and dancing in them. Despite not being ambulatory, Joshua loves to wobble his head when songs he enjoys are played or movements that he likes or finds funny. Joshua is medically fragile and is g-tube dependent. He enjoys activities such as Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo during Christmas time, which he attends annually. Joshua also enjoys the ice cream socials he attends with his foster family. He is a very loving child that is always a pleasure to be around.

Joshua needs a loving family who will be patient with him. His family will be affectionate and spend quality time with him. They will give him the love and affection he so desires. He will need a family who will advocate and encourage him. Joshua's family will care of all of his medical needs and pay close attention to him to ensure that medications and therapies are working for him. He will need his family to ensure medical providers are caring for him properly because he cannot speak for himself, but with a loving and caring family, he will thrive and meet milestones.

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