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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua is a polite and respectful young man. He prefers to be in the company of children his age or older, and gets along well with adults. Joshua finds comfort in animals. There are many cats in Joshua's current home, and when upset, petting one can be very soothing for him. Joshua loves all things superhero and Pokemon! He can often be found in a very laid-back mood, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and going with the flow of the day. Joshua also loves roller coasters and outings to the local amusement parks. Joshua's favorite food is tacos, especially when he gets to go out for them! Joshua has enjoyed working at a local fast food restaurant and the independence being away from home and on his own it provides, though it is just for a few hours at a time. Joshua has become more involved in sports and enjoys playing basketball in the gym with other boys and girls his age. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

The ideal family for Joshua will present clear and consistent expectations. He does well with structure and a quieter environment. Joshua also does best when he is free to make choices from within set boundaries. He needs a family who will help him process his emotions in a calm environment, as he can, at times, get stuck in a cycle of worry and fear of the unknown. Joshua is open to a traditional or non-traditional family structure. He would do well with siblings in the home.