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Joshua from Texas



from Texas

Joshua, who goes by Josh, is a sweet boy with a big smile, who can be a bit of a practical joker. He enjoys being outside riding bikes and playing with friends, and also enjoys playing video games. Josh is intelligent, affectionate, and respectful, but can also be very shy. He takes a little while to "come out of his shell" and become more outgoing with people, particularly with adults. When he feels that he is safe and with someone he can trust, he becomes more relaxed and sociable. Josh likes to help with chores and other tasks around the house and likes to please the adults around him. He does really well one-on-one. Josh normally keeps his feelings to himself and can hold it in until he has an outburst or reacts negatively. He continues to work on expressing his feelings appropriately and does well with encouragement and positive reinforcement. Some redirection is needed to keep him on task.

Josh's ideal family will have lots of structure and reinforce healthy boundaries. They will have plenty of time to provide him with one-on-one attention. His parents will help him learn about and develop healthy relationships and build his self-esteem. Josh will do best with no children or only older children in the home. He requires close supervision when around other children his age or younger. Josh's family will participate in supportive services and utilize resources that may be needed.

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